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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

We offer continuous type Asphalt Drum Mix Plant to produce quality hot mix asphalt for roads and highway construction. Available in stationary, portable and mobile versions; our Asphalt Plants are manufactured in output capacities ranging from 25 TPH to 150 TPH in various standard models and can be tailor made to meet the customer specific requirements.

Simple and modular design of our Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant ensures ease of operation and maintenance, while robust construction ensures durability to the plant. Manufactured as per modern drum mix technology to suit the international markets, it produces best quality HMA with low dust emission and at low fuel consumption. 

Drum Mixer of the Asphalt Mixing Plant is insulated and cladded with stainless steel to minimize the heat loss, internal flights of the drum are designed to give maximum drying, mixing & coating efficiency. Operation buttons, knobs and switches on control panel are arranged in logical sequence for starting and stopping the plant, thus making it user friendly.

As a reputed manufacturer and exporter of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant from India, we pride ourselves to meet every possible need of the customer in totality.









25 TPH

30-40 TPH

40-60 TPH

60-90 TPH

90-120 TPH

120-150 TPH

Standard Components of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

  • Multiple Cold Aggregate Feeder Bins
  • Single Deck Scalping Screen
  • Cold Aggregate Slinger Conveyor
  • Drying & Mixing Rotary Drum
  • Dryer Burner
  • Multi cyclone Primary Dust Collector
  • Load Out Conveyor
  • Asphalt Tank
  • Mineral Filler Unit
  • Wet Scrubber Secondary Dust Collector
  • Fuel Service Tank
  • Control Panel
  • Control Cabin

Multiple Cold Aggregate Feeder Bins

Multiple storage bins for storing and handling of different size virgin aggregate. Bin width is compatible with loader bucket width to prevent spilling of aggregates into adjacent bins. Bin slope allows free flowing of aggregate without bridge forming. Proportioning of different size aggregates takes place in cold feed bins. Each cold feed bin is equipped with gate and variable speed feeder belt conveyor to control & set the amount of aggregate to be drawn from that bin. The aggregate from each feeder belt is deposited on gathering conveyor that run beneath all of the cold feed bins. Gathering conveyor transfers the aggregates collected from each feeder bin to scalping screen.

Single Deck Scalping Screen

Gathering conveyor transfers the aggregates to single deck (vibratory) scalping screen for removal of oversize material.

Cold Aggregate Charging (Slinger) Conveyor

Transfers the screened cold aggregates to the drying cum coating rotary drum. It is troughing endless rubber belt conveyor with equally spaced idler rollers, return rollers and frame fabricated for structural steel.

Drying & Mixing Rotary Drum (Drum Mixer)

It is parallel flow type rotary drum mixer where in aggregate drying takes place in primary zone and mixing of aggregates, bitumen and filler material takes place in coating zone. The burner is located at aggregate inlet end of the drum. The aggregates are moved down the drum by a combination of gravity and configuration of the flights inside the drum. As they travel, the aggregates are heated and the moisture is removed. Internal flights design creates the dense veil of the aggregates which assists in heat transfer process. In the coating zone the asphalt and filler material is blended with the heated aggregates to produce the best hot mix asphalt. A primary multi cyclone type dust collector is placed adjacent to the discharge chamber on the same frame. The rotation to the drum is by friction drive or chain drive arrangement. The drum is insulated and cladded by stainless steel sheet to minimize the heat loss, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Dryer Burner

Two stage, high and low pressure jet type automatic burner is designed to give high fuel efficiency. It is installed on the drum bed frame and consists of high pressure blowers, solenoid oil valves, air valves, air damper with piston. Suitable for LDO / Diesel fuel, the burner is supplied with remote igniter and is controlled either manually or automatically.

Load Out Conveyor

The Hot Mix Asphalt from the drum mixer is deposited on the endless heat resistant rubber belt conveyor to transfer it to Gob Hopper / Storage Silo. The Gob Hopper / Storage Silo convert the continuous flow of mix material into a batch flow (to avoid segregation) for discharge into a haul vehicle. The gates of the Gob Hopper / Storage Silo are hydraulically operated at preset time.

Asphalt Tanks

It is insulated tank for storage of liquid asphalt and is fitted with pumping station for pumping the asphalt into coating section of the drum mixer. Pumping station consists of positive displacement type asphalt pump coupled with variable speed motor to meter the asphalt injected in the coating section. All the asphalt supply lines are hot oil jacketed to prevent the heat loss.

Mineral Filler Unit

It stores the filler material like lime, dust etc. and transfer the metered material to the coating section of the drum mixer. The filler material is metered by the rotary valve and variable speed motor. The filler material is conveyed pneumatically by air blower/ air compressor to the drum mixer.

Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber unit (Wet Filter) is secondary dust collector that absorbs & traps the hazardous gases and dust particles escaping along with the exhaust gases from primary dust collector. In it, venturi and nozzles are designed to create the necessary fog of water for absorbing the gases and dust. The heavy particles fall out and are collected into a settling pond. The non-hazardous light exhaust gases are released to atmosphere through exhaust stack.

Control Panel

It is fabricated from CRC sheet and powder coated with user friendly push button / touch screen operating console. All the operating buttons are logically placed in a sequence for starting and stopping the plant. Separate console with feather touch buttons and digital display is provided to set the variable and other constant parameters. It is with option of Auto and Manual mode for operation and equipped with printer. PLC based control panel with SCADA and HMI are also available to meet the customer’s requirement.

Control Cabin

 It is insulated and fabricated from M.S. sheet, angles & channel with wooden flooring & walls. The cabin has glass windows all around, so that the operator has full view on all sides from the cabin for ease of operation and control.